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Virtual Partnership

elcome to Austo Mold Incorporated! We specialize in plastic injection molding; injection mold design; mold building, tryout, and repair; and secondary finishing and assembly. Founded in 1976, Austro Mold Incorporated was initially a tool and die shop, primarily serving the automotive, office equipment and photographic industries. As our reputation for designing and building quality molds has grown, so have our capabilities and our client list. We currently supply a series of blue-chip customers in the digital media, consumer electronics, automotive and mainframe computer industries. We offer only the highest quality product and the highest level in service to meet the demanding expectations of our customers. 

With 24 injection molding presses and supporting equipment, Austro Mold is one of the premium plastic injection molders in the USA. We serve clients in a variety of industries, providing a host of support services including on-site mold-making and repair, part decorating, product assembly, and more.

Austro Mold is truly a full-service plastic injection molder, able to provide solutions for diverse client needs. With our core competencies in engineering, design, tool building, secondary operations, assembly, and Precision Injection Molding, we stand ready to be your world class Virtual Outsourcing Partner for Custom Injection Molded Products. Contact Us today to discuss your unique opportunities. We will meet and exceed your expectations. 

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